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Count Smackula

Bio: From far away, from the ghastly ruins of a Transylvanian castle, comes Count Smackula. She recently learned that although most vampires only feed on blood, she is able to feed on the energy created by playing roller derby. She has traveled across the ocean to the cape fear area to bring her vampiric touch to CFRD. ... More


Bio: After a long life of hunting his victims, Ghostbrace has decided to settle down and take his opponents down in the rink, rather than down to the morgue. Now, instead of long black robes and a white mask, he dons skates sharper than any of his knives. Origin: Raleigh, NC Derby History: Ghosty started their derby ... More

McDeath Row

Bio: Megan McDeavitt is a filmmaker from Boone, NC. She graduated from Appalachian State with a BA in Media and Broadcast production. She received her Master's in Filmmaking from UNCW. She is currently finishing her AAS in Marine Technology at CFCC in Wilmington. She's worked as a journalist in radio/TV across North ... More



Busty Rhymes

Bio: I like pineapple on pizza. Fight me. Origin: Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania Derby History: Started skating in 2006 with the Palmetto State Rollergirls. Joined CFRD in 2013. Just returning after a long break! Sport History: Baseball, softball, volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, competitive horseback riding, gymnasti... More

Little Bo Bleep

Bio: Bleep emerged from the woods where she spent the majority of her childhood; riding horses, climbing mountains and being described as Satan by her school teachers (True Story). You could say Bleep has been a menace her entire life and that is no different on skates. Origin: Aberdeen, NC Derby History: Ooooo it's ... More

Britney Fears


Leather Baddie

Bio:  Bad emerged from the depths of the Cape Fear amidst the sound of rattling chains and cracking whips, and stepped along the backs of bridled leather men until she reached shore, where she swapped her glistening heels for derby skates. Off the rink she likes to help create local spaces for queer joy, and increase ... More

Thunder Snatch

More to come soon from Snatch! More


Bio: Fourty-four wheels in a skin suit commonly found lurking in dark alleyways and under boardwalks. Origin: South Jersey Derby History: Joined Cape Fear in 2022 (and took off fast!!) Sport History: Soccer, discus, shot put Likes: Tacos, tanning my skin suit, animals Dislikes: Haters Power Song: Nova ... More