Chaos reigns!

Bio: Wrecked, the magical creature who surfaced from the dark abyss to remind you that your life isn’t a complete dumpster fire! With her superhero cape of chaos and a quirky grin, she proudly juggles her kids, dogs, and an entire jungle of plants like a circus act gone wild. As Wrecked stumbles through life’s obstacle course, she’s on a mission to level up faster than a caffeinated squirrel on a sugar rush.

Origin: Transient of the East Coast: Washingtonville, N.Y => Baltimore, MD => Calabash, NC, and bunch of other places not worth listing.

Derby History: Ten years ago, Wrecked was shortly part of Hazard County Hellions in the Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor (M.A.D.E) league. Coming back rusty and Wrecked to Cape Fear Roller Derby.

Sport History: Wrecked didn’t find other sports interesting to play but did enjoy pole dance fitness in her 20s. She trained for competitions. In her early 30s, she played for M.A.D.E.

Likes: Flying drones, reading , painting and coffee

Dislikes: Unnecessary rudeness, bananas, and cheap beer

Power Song: Rot – Dry Kill Logic