Fast feet and a light heart!

Bio: I like to bip-bop around the track, but mostly I’m here for the hugs, hangs, and hits.

Origin: White Plains, NY

Derby History: Thank you Elliot Page in Whip-It for informing me about the derby. Started with Seven Valley Rollers in the fall of 2016 with loaner skates that were two sizes too big and a smell you could see. Moved to Salt City Roller Derby for a bit, then played the longest in central Maine for the Northwood Knockouts, Team Maine and the Sirens. After moving to North Carolina in 2022, I briefly skated with Carolina Roller Derby before landing in Wilmington to my home: Cape Fear Roller Derby.

Sport History: Basketball and competitive swimming

Likes: Jam line dance parties, hard practices, cheese, sneaky offense, tiny objects

Dislikes: Canned peas, cooked carrots, airplanes, burpees

Power Song: Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See