Your teammates sometimes believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

How / Why you started: Derby girls are tough and athletic, I wanted to be that. I didn’t know at the time I needed a group in my life that encouraged and supported me. I also saw a bout in 2005, they were my heroes, skating fast and hitting hard, I wanted to become them.
Favorite Derby Moment: Every time you get encouragement from your team. When you doubt yourself, in the moments you are trying a skill or something hard and they see past your insecurity and see your effort and strength and that you are trying. The best moments are when you leave practice happier than when you came, and you feel like your teammates helped overcome your own mental blocks. When my teammates believe in me more than I believe in myself.
Inspiration for name: Danzig was a big band in my group of friends and I was known to be a bit crazy in my younger days, one thing lead to another and I became Shanzig.
Real job: High School Art teacher
Likes: Plants, naps, dogs, pottery
Dislikes: alarm clocks, lemon and banana flavored desserts, waiting in lines
Cross Training: (not enough), outside skating

“Be coachable, really listen and don’t take criticism/advice personally.” - Shanzig




  • Riedell 965 boots
  • Powerdyne Arius plates
  • Roller Bones Turbo 97’s