It’s worth it!

How / Why you started: I saw a bout when working out of Jackson, WY in 2012 and knew instantly that this was something I needed to do. We were relocating to the Wilmington area that fall. I looked up CFRG, went to the next tryout, and have been skating ever since.
Favorite Derby Moment: The few instances when I’ve been one of only two blockers on the track at the start of a jam and been able to draw a penalty on the opposing jammer, giving us a power jam and time to get the other blockers out of the penalty box.
Inspiration for name: It’s an old nickname given for my ability to randomly predict unimportant things in the future.
Real job: A real life Leslie Knope

“Just keep at it. There are times you will feel frustrated, you will fall down, and you will seem overwhelmed. But get back up and keep trying and I promise you will feel exhilarated, you will feel energized, and you will feel empowered. It’s worth it!” - Nixtradamus