I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel. – Pee Wee Herman

How / Why you started: A friend asked if she started a derby, would I come out and skate. Knowing absolutely nothing about it, said, ‘of course I will!’ I went, loved every minute of it, and stuck with it. And there began a lifetime love for derby and skating, and everyone involved!
Favorite Derby Moment: ALL OF THEM
Favorite Quote: “Just like you, I gotta be me.” -Evel Knievel
Real job: raddest mom ever, and sometimes I’m a craft cocktail bartender.
Likes: All the meowtastic people in my life, Adorable and non-adorable animals, Good food, Adventures.
Dislikes: Negative or selfish people.
Cross Training: Kid and puppy wrangling, some gym stuffs

“Don’t be skippin’ practice girl! But really, stick with it. Skate hard, and make friends! Find out how to fall in love with skating, and it’ll change your life!” - McVenom


  • Riedell