Leather Baddie


A real ska-dist!

Bio:  Bad emerged from the depths of the Cape Fear amidst the sound of rattling chains and cracking whips, and stepped along the backs of bridled leather men until she reached shore, where she swapped her glistening heels for derby skates. Off the rink she likes to help create local spaces for queer joy, and increase awareness of trans/intersex people.

Origin: Boston MA, but has lived in Wilmington since 2013 and considers this home

Derby History: First hit the rink with CFRD in 2023

Sport History: Bad fell in love with team sport playing field hockey as a kid, and would go on to compete in Powerlifting in and after college. She enjoys surfing, freediving and rock climbing as well, but just for fun.

Likes: Sweat, Steel, Suffering

Dislikes: People being judgmental, willfully ignorant, and prudish.

Power Song: Job for a Cowboy – Knee Deep