Hits that will make you SCREAM

Bio: After a long life of hunting his victims, Ghostbrace has decided to settle down and take his opponents down in the rink, rather than down to the morgue. Now, instead of long black robes and a white mask, he dons skates sharper than any of his knives.

Origin: Raleigh, NC

Derby History: Ghosty started their derby career in 2016 with the Raleigh Junior Rollers, and just recently joined Cape Fear Roller Derby!

Sport History: Before roller derby, they dabbled between soccer, rugby, and lacrosse, but never found their true calling until they put on skates. Since then, they have played in multiple A-level competitions and continue to hone their skills.

Likes: Horror, Baking, and Halloween!

Dislikes: Raw Tomatoes, Dry Brownies, and Well-Done steak.

Power Song: Graveyard Guy – Final Girl