Crash Mountain


Don’t ever give up!

Bio: Crash clawed her way out of a Hank 3 song in 2018 and came tumbling down to North Carolina to a town 10x larger than where she grew up. She joined the team months after moving. She’s being laying down the law and making a nuisance of herself ever since.

Origin: Some hick town

Derby History: Crash joined CFRD as a ref in 2018 and as a skater in 2019. She’s reffed juniors and adults. MRDA is Crash’s favorite play style to officiate (Don’t tell the team). These days she’s only interested in skating in low key mixers where she’ll skate as her alter ego Trash Unicorn.

Sport History: Crash and her one eyed dog, Lady were dedicated runners until Crash messed up her knee and Lady got too old. These days, Crash is a rec powerlifter and spin enthusiast. She can also be found at Rebel Hot Yoga and Pilates as much as humanly possible.

Likes: Candy, unicorns, incoherent yelling, baking, dancing to the soundtrack in her head, and lounging with her dogs.

Dislikes: Rule Breakers (she has a whistle and isn’t afrain to use it) and when people suggest she consume less carbs

Power Song: I Am the Law – Anthrax