Count Smackula


You’ll know the crunch when you feel it 😉

Bio: From far away, from the ghastly ruins of a Transylvanian castle, comes Count Smackula. She recently learned that although most vampires only feed on blood, she is able to feed on the energy created by playing roller derby. She has traveled across the ocean to the cape fear area to bring her vampiric touch to CFRD.

Origin: Transylvania (or Manassas, VA depending)

Derby History: Smack started skating in 2023 and decided to learn how to play roller derby shortly after.

Sport History: Smack grew up playing soccer, swimming and diving but hadn’t played on a sports team in 10 years until joining CFRD.

Likes: Reading, animals, coffee and DND

Dislikes: Rudeness and closed mindedness

Power Song: Mastodon – Blood and Thunder