Cadaver Dog


Bite back!

Bio: This dog can locate the body of an opposing jammer – dead or alive – amongst any tangle of blockers, and bring the swift justice of her team down upon them. Dave’s training and work have led her through the most gruesome situations imaginable, so nothing in derby is liable to shake her. Her favorite treats are duck and yam nibbles.

Origin: Concord, NC

Derby History: This is Dave’s first year skating! Other than going to derby practices she enjoys skating at local parks and trails.

Sport History: Dave grew up playing different sports, but dropped everything when she found her passion for horseback riding. “Shoutout to the ECU Equestrian Team!”

Likes: All types of music, animals, whiskey ginger, sushi, spontaneous road trips, true crime podcasts/documentaries, forensic anthropology, using her leaf blower & doing just about anything outdoors.

Dislikes: Close minded folks, drama, animals talking in movies. “…not homeward bound or cartoons. I’m talking about live action movies where the animal’s lips MOVE when they speak.” Dave also resents the fact that Uber Eats won’t let her order sweet tea from Chipotle.

Power Song: I Am the Fire – Halestorm