Blackend Bluewing


When you’re blocked by Blue, it leaves a bruise!

Origin: Born and raised in Barnum, MN till 2013 then moved to Wilmington, NC and has now called this home for 10 years.

Derby History: I started derby way back in 2009 for the Babe City Rollers in Bemidji, MN. I skated with them through my collage days until I graduated in 2013. When I moved down the Wilmington, I transferred to the Cape Fear Roller Derby team in 2014. However I was unable to commit at that time and fell out of touch until I started again in January 2023.

Sport History: Blue always loved team sports since elementary school. She has played volleyball, basketball and softball from 3rd grade through her senior year. She only took a few months off from sports when she headed to college where she was introduced to Roller Derby.

Likes: Paddle boarding, camping, going out with friends and being social (although she is quiet at first, till you get to know her)

Dislikes: Confiscation, judgmental people, and tomatoes

Power Song: Little Mix – Wings