Our featured skater for the month of September is #17, Grim Shady.

Ever wonder what your favorite roller girls are like in real life? The Cape Fear Roller Girls are women from all walks of life who are united by our passion for roller derby. In our monthly series, we pull back the curtain to show you what CFRG’s skaters do when we’re not on skates. 

Our featured skater for the month of September is #17, Grim Shady.

  • On the Track

    Grim Shady, known to her teammates as Grim, is one of Cape Fear’s newer skaters. After passing her assessments last season, she became an official roller girl. This season, Grim has become one of the toughest jammers on the Black Harrts roster. She doesn’t always wear the jammer panty, however–Grim is both a jammer and a blocker.

  • For the League

    Grim is a part of the Marketing Committee for the Cape Fear Roller Girls. She helps us reach out to local news outlets, promote bouts, and get the word out about roller derby here in Wilmington, NC.

  • Off the Track

    Roller derby isn’t the only exciting thing Grim Shady does. Instead of an office, she prefers to work in a helicopter. Grim is a Certified Critical Care Flight Paramedic. She says, “I have spent close to 20 years providing medical care to ill and injured patients via ground or helicopter transport.”

    Grim also has a degree in Criminal Justice, which she hopes to use someday as a private investigator for medical malpractice or insurance fraud.

  • At Home

    In addition to playing roller derby and saving lives, Grim is also a wife and mom. She has three kids–a 21-year-old son, a 17-year-old daughter, and an 8-year-old son. Her daughter hopes to someday skate with CFRG, too, making a mother-daughter derby duo!

  • Why She Skates

    Grim says she loves the camaraderie she gets from playing roller derby. She also loves learning new skills from our amazing coaches and experienced skaters. Plus, she says derby has gotten her in the best shape of her life!

    Grim also loves helping out with our New Recruits as they work to learn the sport of derby. She says, “I like to teach what I know, help them learn, and watch them continuously improve.”

Grim shady

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