PoiSin IV

Ever wonder what your favorite derby skaters are like in real life? The Cape Fear Roller Derby skaters come from all walks of life and backgrounds, and are united by our passion for roller derby. In our “Get To Know CFRD” series, we pull back the curtain to show you what CFRD’s skaters do when we’re not on skates.

Get to know #811, PoiSin IV.

  • On the Track

    PoiSin IV #811, aka IV, has been skating since 2015 with the Cape Fear Roller Derby. On the track, she’s deadly on all fronts. As a blocker, getting hit by her may leave you in need of an IV!

  • For the League

    IV plays a crucial role as the league’s Skater/Referee Representative. She handles all of our internal skater business like managing attendance, injuries, leaves of absences, event participation, gameplay eligibility, and yes even managing sticky internal personnel issues when they do arise.

  • Off the Track

    When she’s not lighting up the track, IV works in EMS as a Firemedic. She’s been a paramedic for 9 years, and a firefighter for 5. In her spare time, IV loves swimming.

  • Behind the Name

    “PoiSin IV in a spin off Poison Ivy from DC (I LOVE comics) and my medical profession. IV is the abbreviation for Intravenous, PoiSin well I’m deadly of course.”

  • At Home

    As she says, “I live in a zoo!” With 3 puppies, a cat and a bird to care for, she has the help of her 3 children.

  • Personal Goals

    “My main goal in life is to raise my children to be kind, loving, honest, strong, smart individual, empowered lil’ humans. At the end of the day, I love to sit with my family and relax with a nice glass of wine.”

  • Why She Skates

    “My favorite thing about derby is the kick ass strong individuals that I skate with, plus we’re a family. We are here for each other and push each other. That to me is so important!”



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