Our featured skater for the month of August is #13, McVenom.

Ever wonder what your favorite roller girls are like in real life? The Cape Fear Roller Girls are women from all walks of life who are united by our passion for roller derby. In our monthly series, we pull back the curtain to show you what CFRG’s skaters do when we’re not on skates. 

Our featured skater for the month of August is #13, Mcvenom.

  • On the Track

    McVenom has been playing roller derby with Cape Fear Roller Girls for 12 years–longer than any other skater on the team. She’s primarily a blocker, but in a pinch, she’ll put on the jammer panty, too!

  • For the League

    McVenom (known to her teammates as McV), is a crucial member of the league–we couldn’t imagine the Cape Fear Roller Girls without her! She’s the President of CFRG’s Board of Directors, as well as a founding member of the league. Plus, she’s the head of the Skills Committee, where she helps New Recruits prepare to become full-fledged roller girls.

  • Off the Track

    If you’re looking for the best craft cocktails in Wilmington, you can visit McVenom at The Blind Elephant where she bartends. She specializes in bourbon knowledge.

  • At Home

    According to McVenom, although she “might look mean on the track,” she’s “just a happy person who loves to laugh!” She has a 4-year-old daughter named Bella, who she says is her biggest fan, and a dog named Beethoven.

    McVenom also has a wide variety of hobbies. She says, “I like to think I’m a jane of all trades! I’m an excellent mother, skier, cook, gardener, dancer, and adventurer.” Is there nothing she can’t do?

  • Why She Skates

    To play derby for over a decade, you have to love it. McVenom says she likes “the physicality of it. There is always new skills to learn as the sport progresses, so I am constantly being pushed to better myself.” She also enjoys the work CFRG does in the community and the friends she’s made over the years.



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