Skater Awards 2016

Every year we gather as a league to vote and celebrate our skaters, referees, and NSO’s (non-skating officials) who make our derby dream a reality.

To wrap up the 2016 season, we gathered together at one of our favorite spots in downtown Wilmington: The Blind Elephant Speakeasy ( for a night of celebration, friendship, and good old fashioned derby love.

Roller Girls tend to be a crafty bunch of ladies, and a big part of the fun at awards time is making all the awards for your teammates. Ok while we got caught up in the moment and forgot to get photos of all the awards and the winners, you can see some of them at the end of this post, so be sure to scroll all the way down!  🙂

Please give a big round of applause to our 2016 CFRG Award Winners!


  • Most Valuable Behind the Scenes: Nicold as Ice
  • Best Attitude on the Bench: Liberty Spykes
  • Best Bout Face: Kat Von D-Linquent
  • Most Underrated: Blew Mountain Bomber
  • Most Improved: Von Canonball
  • Rookie of the Year: Red White N Brooze
  • Most Valuable Jammer Black Harrts: ZZ Torchure
  • Most Valuable Blocker Black Harrts: Punky Bruise-Her
  • Most Valuable Player Black Harrts: NEO
  • Most Valuable Jammer All Stars: Terror Nova
  • Most Valuable Blocker All Stars: Rosy Reckabilly
  • Most Valuable Player All Stars: Mill Ill Crisis
  • Most Valuable NSO: Meleficant
  • Most Valuable Zebra:Brick House


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